At Athens Trailer & Truck Sales we do our best to help our customers find financing that works for them. For your convenience, our credit application is below. You can fill it out online, or print a copy and fill it in to bring to our office.

Credit Application

  • Business Information

  • Borrower's Information

  • Co-Borrower's Information

  • Fleet Information

  • Lender Name - Phone Number - Contact Person
  • Lender Name - Phone Number - Contact Person
  • Bank Information

  • Haul Information

  • Signatures

    The undersigned(s) understands that CPM Capital, Inc. and it's assigns may wish to verify or investigate the undersigned parties credit and expressly Authorize any verification or investigation that you deem necessary. The undersigned also hereby certifies and represents to Direct Lenders Group and it's assigns that the financial information is true, necessary, accurate and complete. Any untrue statement may be a condition of default for financing.