Why sell on a consignment basis?

Consignment can be a win-win for the owner of the truck. Owners often receive more through a consignment arrangement versus trade-in.

How does consignment work?

An owner brings his truck to a ATTS and discusses a selling price. We will go over what the seller hopes to get and, based on our experience, what we think the truck is worth, along with a set fee or percentage of the sale. ATTS will check the truck’s mechanical condition, appearance and research the market to arrive at the best possible price. When we receive an offer on the truck, we will call the owner to see if they are interested.

How will buyers know my truck is for sale?

ATTS is happy to photograph and/or video, showcase (with detail) on our website and handle all forms of advertising across multiple sites, including the newspaper(s). We take care of all the incoming calls, texts, PMs, & emails saving you time and money! We will also meet all those Sunday afternoon tire kickers! Best of all we offer potential buyers multiple forms of financing!